The Scoudrel Mav.

Mav, Manchester, 26.
The Girlfriend
And Good Hair Cuts.
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Wednesday evening training nights!

On Wednesday evening it’s training night at Barber Barber, we are after two people each Wednesday (one for myself and one for Dirty Mike). The haircut will be watched over by Johnny the BaBa so you’ll leave looking fresh and slick! For more info please email

A few photos of myself, one photo bombed by my barber brother InkySteve. Outside where I work! Barber Barber Manchester.

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Oh look what we have here! This is my lovely girl friend Janine!!

Barber Barber as captured by our regular patron Craig MacLeod,

Johnny The Baba and The Scoundrels.


More men’s fashion inspiration!

Scoundrel Shoe Shines only at Barber Barber Manchester!
I offer a drop off service for the shoes that need a little more work.

At Barber Barber, we get a lot of people taking photos of the sho.Here are some by


The proper way to shine shoes!